• Agnes

Aeschynanthus or lipstick plant

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hanging plant with a quite unusual look and on the top, its flowers are eye-catching.

It got the name lipstick because the red flowers emerge from a dark tube at the tip of the branches. This Aeschynanthus Twister variety has larger shiny curled leaves. The trailing stems can grow up to 60cm long. Growing lipstick plants is not difficult.



Place it in a bright spot without exposing it to direct sun. If the plant doesn’t produce flowers (from June to September), try moving it to a brighter place.


For proper blooming keep the plant between 21 and 27 C


Water it moderately and allow the top of the soil to dry before re-watering. Never let the plant sit in standing water.


Use liquid fertiliser diluted to half the strength, two to four times each month from February until it starts to blossom.


Re-pot the plant when the roots come out of the pot.


Propagating from stem cuttings is easy.


The lipstick plant is not toxic to animals.

You can find this plant on eBay here.

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