• Agnes

Hoya alias Wax plant

Updated: Aug 13, 2019


Hoya varieties are another excellent example of the extraordinary houseplants. Often called wax plant because of their shiny looking thick leaves and they produce attractive and highly fragrant flower clusters, hence the name of Porcelain flower. Hoyas are among the easiest houseplants. They have 200-300 different species and native to Asia.


Light: Most of the varieties like bright indirect light. Cultivars with variegated or coloured leaves need more light than the solid green ones.

Temperature: Hoyas like warmer and humid environment. The minimum temperature shouldn’t be below 10 degrees C (or 16 C for some, for example, H. bella)

Water: Hoyas are sensitive to overwatering. Wait until the soil is relatively dry before watering. Reduce watering from October to February.

Fertilising: Use half diluted houseplant fertiliser in every other week and monthly during winter time.

Potting: Hoyas like to be root-bound in the pot and it will help accelerate flowering. Don’t cut off the long stalks, flowers will develop on them and more flowers could grow after flowering.

Propagation: It is easy to propagate from stem cuttings in water or by air layering (remove few leaves from the vine and peg down the stem to cutting compost).

Toxicity: Hoyas are considered to be non-toxic to both cats & dogs.