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Where to buy houseplants online in the UK – my tested sources among eBay sellers

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

This article is a summary of my experience of buying houseplants online on eBay and a further list about exciting sellers for my potential future purchases.

I know the feeling that buying houseplants online can be frustrating because you can’t see the plant physically and what if the plant will be damaged during the delivery. Based on my purchases so far I can say 95% of all orders were fine and in the remaining 5%, if the plant was damaged, it could recover in a short amount of time.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not a sponsored blog post. I didn’t receive any plant for free. I purchased plants from the Ebay sellers below. Even though this is _not_ a sponsored article I use affiliate links below and If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you, however it will support this project to go on.

My tested and trusted eBay sellers

flowersgreen1 is a huge nursery and they have a wide range of houseplants and outdoor plants as well and other accessories for the garden and home. I have a few really healthy and beautiful plants from them. They sent the plants very well packed in a smart box, so there was no damage to the leaves. The Postage is not cheap but it worth the price because the packaging method is reducing the risk of damage.

One of my favourite sellers is taktan2012. They have a good number of unusual and rare houseplants mostly young plants, but you can find some well-established one as well. All on their listing there is a Best offer option which means you can negotiate the price. I always received well packed and healthy plants. I have a Philodendron ‘micans’, Calathea network, Philodendron Red Emerald, Silver Pothos from them.

If you are into some unusual looking tropical plants, rainforestvivs is your place. Here you can buy mainly small tropical plants for a reasonable price with a flat £4 delivery cost. They have a wide range of bromeliads, Earth stars and ferns among other tropical plants as philodendrons, anthuriums, pileas, pepperomias and alocasias. They use an interesting way of packaging as they wrap the pots into cling film to prevent the soil to disperse, then cover the whole plant into newspaper pages and put all of it into a box which is not significantly bigger than the entire order. Overall this method saves the plant from moving and the damage rate is very small. I have fifteen plants from them.

easterntropicals has a bunch of rare houseplants and cuttings like Variegated Monstera. There is a Best offer option on most of their listings. I’ve recently purchased a  Philodendron squamiferum and it arrived in a nice and neat box without a scratch.

For future purchases

Below you can find my list for future purchases and the reason why I keep my eyes close on their listings.

cambridge_plants – loads of interesting houseplants and rooted cuttings root_houseplants – cool houseplants for reasonable price knobsandblobs2 – unusual and rare cactuses and succulents. They have auction type of listings. reptilecentre – small tropical plants and succulents ribbleplants– houseplants, succulents and cactuses, unusual and rare ones as well

Cover Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash